T8 LED tubes (glass+PET film tube) are popular in North American countries including the US and Canada. It uses PET film with inner glue to bend the transparent glass tube body to make a shatterproof glass tube. In the case of damage, the inner glue can effectively fix the glass sheet in the PET film, reducing secondary damage. Especially safe and reliable, it is an economical and most commonly used indoor lighting product. For the glass body, a single color frosted PET film or a two-color frosted PET film (opal color on the back) is optional. Both offer good diffusion and high lumen efficiency. End caps are available in refractory PC material in different lengths, or aluminum end caps in different looks and colors. Led lighting glass tube is usually used in construction projects as a high-quality tube light product. It can be used in theaters or art galleries with a swivel end cap to create a wall washer effect. Led glass tube is also used as a lighting tube for railways or subways, the product has higher durability and stability to vibration and shock, and breakage is more preferred.